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when a fat girl forces herself onto you and, udderly, rapes you.
"Yo Noah, I saw you get moolested by Charlotte last night at that party. What was it like being crushed during sex? lmao!!!"
by John Yang July 12, 2017
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1. To be run over by a cow set loose by another person intentionally;

also known as homicide by indirect trampling.

2. To milk a cow with subconscious immature thoughts to arise. This person should never be in 4 meters radius of a cow.
1. "If I see your ass on my property again I will moolest you"

"My grandfather was moolested in WW2. He was such a good man."

"The convicted pedophile faced justice by being moolested"

2. "I'm so ashamed of myself, I was milking a cow and I couldn't help but moolest"
by Wooflester May 16, 2013
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