A person who resembles a camel, but a lizard at the same time. He's funny, but not smart and will forever be... Moos Moos!
Hey, that guy over there reminds me of Moos Moos, what a camel!
by abduallah abi March 27, 2018
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Sounds like Moo Moo, correct spelling is Muumuu. It's a loose dress originating from Hawaii. Morbidly obese people typically wear muumuu's. It looks like they were made out of a flowery set of curtains.
I'm so obese the only thing that fits me is a moo moo.
by Jinja52 June 03, 2011
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A dress that is worn by bitches who are way too fat to wear normal clothes. Always fugly and have gay striped patterns and flowers on them. It is really loose and makes the bitch who wears it look even fatter.
Dude did you see that bitches Moo-Moo?
Hahaha yeah she was trying to hide her fupa but it wasnt working.
by CoryC December 07, 2007
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Describes an inappropriate thing, basically anything that is inappropriate to you or others
Cathy said: "Don't touch me on my Moo Moo hoe"
Billy said: " But I thought you liked it!"
by Graphic Design Bitches on E February 07, 2014
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