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when some one is talking shite, you say this phraise. it works, trust
1) sorry mate your talking crap, its all monkey mustard to me

2) your tlking monkey mustard
by nink, gandalf, and razor September 04, 2004
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A liquid/solid mix of feces left in your underwear after sharting.
(Farts): I think I left a little monkey mustard down there.
by A_2_spooky_sloth January 22, 2017
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Monkey Mustard is when you fart so hard you shoot out globs of shit. Similar to shart.
Becky: -LOUD AGGRESIVE FART- (also sounds bubbly, and sounds like when you squish flarp.) Keisha: OOoo girl you definitely just shot out some monkey mustard.
by 13BassBoosts August 24, 2018
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