saying used when all else has failed and all yuo can do is run away and scream for your momma
ahh spider no momma no
by Farfignewton January 30, 2005
from the television series, Dinosaurs, baby's favorite thing to say after he would hit his dad over the head with a frying pan.
Example :
baby dinosaur says , "NOt the momma! *Bam* Hits his dad over head with frying pan. "
by senosenoshi September 16, 2009
She is always there for me. When I fall She is always there to help me up. She backs me up and helps me. But most importantly she loves me.
My momma is the best woman in the world!!
by Diamomd_Sniper April 19, 2018
The lady who gave you life.
In this context, it is usually used as an insult.
Billy: "I think you are very ugly."
Tommy: "Yo momma!"
by Kristen March 10, 2004
the only person that raised you..the only one who took your shit
Momma said thier be days like this
by tj87 August 6, 2013
a marginally sexist way to refer to a girl.
hey momma wanna maybe play freaky with me
by pyke August 8, 2004