a redneck who can pack dip from one side of his mouth to the other on both his bottom and unper lips
a real original redneck
"dude i cant believe you just pounded down forty brew-skies, your a molt."
by yerrr February 28, 2009
It is a process of transformation done by many crustaceans, birds, reptiles, and insects. Basically, when eating the red pill instead of the blue, one obtains the ability of mystique. Red pills can be obtained randomly through out nature, as they are often found in certain types of plants, specifically in certain strains of algae and specific roots and cacti.

Humans have been known to accidentally ingest the red pill, though there are cases where this has been done purposefully. After ingestion, the ingestor will probably shed skin, feathers, or scales and transform into a multi.
I molted today. It was insane, I started shedding my skin and feathers sprouted out of my flesh :O
by Alice Carrol June 23, 2009
sit down and do nothing but rest
Alfred: Do you guys know what today is ?
Mr.Chimps: Cheep Cheep Sunday Molt.
John: That is a great idea.
by DJ Dubsack Jones December 16, 2008
someone who appears to be falling out of there skin or just plain ugly
by curtis bradley peterson December 12, 2007
Same as stupid,moron,dumb,idiot,bastard,asshole.
by Lessur May 9, 2010
A hack term used to describe a hacky sack circle of Banyans, (see Banyan) that constantly moves in random directions.
Holy Shit! We started fifty feet over to the right, we must have molted.
by King Steve April 9, 2003