A cool hot guy.
Full of energy and extremely cool,
Moshe’s are players and lovers at the same time.
They will either dump you or love you like crazy,
I’m so nervous I’m going out with a moishe!
by Nshdbcid c September 13, 2021
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This term is primarily considered a filler word which compliments the flexible interjection, shoish. One cannot say Moish in a logical manner without having said shoish earlier in the same sentence.
1. Shoish moish, sorry I took so long.
2. "I just deranked.." Shoish to the mfn moish
3. Damn we just won that round!? Shoish Moish!
by brownboymuaaz May 23, 2019
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Something that is both moist and fresh.
This bread is so moish! It tastes just like fresh baked!
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hasidic jewish male
"That moish over there in that Honda mini van is on his way to the GAP with his four children"
by spicymami224 February 28, 2018
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moish <mo-ish> - adj. - 1. Of or relating to homosexual relevance or behavior. 2. Gay
by The Versatile May 13, 2006
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A big feller! Also a very huggable bear.
Oish oish oish! My my my, that Moish sure is one large bear!
by Ronald Jackson October 24, 2004
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This phrase itself is a combination of the terms Shoish and Moish. The combination of the terms is primarily used as a reaction response, but the situation in which it's used usually doesn't matter. It can be a response to something surprising, shocking, disappointing, etc.

The most popular use of this phrase is typically a go-to response or filler phrase to something that doesn't warrant a lengthy one, similar to the words "sheesh," "damn," or even "wow."
1. *Muaaz clutches on de_dust2* "SOMEBODY GET THIS MAN A CONTRACT, SHOISH MOISH!!"
2. Damn, bomb down (in CS:GO)!? Shoish Moish
3. "I just spent 3 hours practicing the smokes.." Shoish to the mfn Moish
by brownboymuaaz May 30, 2019
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