moish <mo-ish> - adj. - 1. Of or relating to homosexual relevance or behavior. 2. Gay
The film "Brokeback Mountain" was pretty moish!
by The Versatile May 13, 2006
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hasidic jewish male
"That moish over there in that Honda mini van is on his way to the GAP with his four children"
by spicymami224 February 28, 2018
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A big feller! Also a very huggable bear.
Oish oish oish! My my my, that Moish sure is one large bear!
by Ronald Jackson October 23, 2004
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This term is primarily considered a filler word which compliments the flexible interjection, shoish. One cannot say Moish in a logical manner without having said shoish earlier in the same sentence.
1. Shoish moish, sorry I took so long.
2. "I just deranked.." Shoish to the mfn moish
3. Damn we just won that round!? Shoish Moish!
by brownboymuaaz May 23, 2019
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