a term popularized by modern day aesthetic bodybuilders meaning out sizing or dwarfing somebody in muscle size, fullness, and definition
Watch me man I’m about to fucking mog these rockets over there!
Jesus Christ that guy is about to mog them!
by greekgod24 March 7, 2021
Half man, half dog. He's his own best friend.
Barf was a mog
by emptyjade January 21, 2004
1. a not yet fully grown child who takes on the style and mannerisms of a middle-aged woman, possibly by wearing a tightly shorn perm and/or a dingy, over-sized bathrobe and who assumes adult responsibilities such as preparing meals and distributing drinks

2. a dramatic archetype described as a young girl in the absence of a mother, who is wise beyond her years, and has a perplexing relationship with the father figure
Young Liz Lemon sets off my mog-dar
by stankylegz143 January 2, 2011
Connor mogs to improve his cardio.
by EllisHobbs December 21, 2010
Mog is an acronym girls use when secretly speaking about a specific type of man they are interested in.

MOG stands for Man of God.
I don't know Yeabsra, but he's a definite mog!
That's a keeper!
by god_girl_chucha_wog March 7, 2017
Mog is a term to describe the mogness of the mogity, commonly used by some idiots.
My mogmog is very mog!
by Cassum May 8, 2022
Label used to describe a person with the most extreme nerd-like qualities. Common characteristics include, but are not limited to, glasses, short pants, excessive focus in mathematics or computer sciences, unibrows, social difficulty, fanny packs, and highly developed hand coordination due to frequent typing and fervent masturbation.

Mogs often start sentences with phrases such as "theoretically", "mathematically", "according to quantum mechanics", and "Star Wars". They are often found at libraries, science fairs, and virtual online gaming sites.
The 13 year old in my calculus 201 class is such a mog ass.

"In essence, I discovered a non-conservative particle which connects general relativity, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, quark function, and spectral dimensions, so, indeed, I must decline your offer to voluptuously copulate," said the mog to the supermodel.
by mrbob2013 April 22, 2011