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The physical structure as well as the emotional and mental states of an animal, primarily human, but applying to other sentient beings as well.
Jen's good grades and athletic skills means she probably has a great mody.

Tom was muscular and lean but suffered from depression. so his mody was out of shape.

A lack of sleep made his mody suffer--he felt depressed and withdrew from others.
by dezell October 24, 2009
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Noun - 1.A person who is acting like they are above the law.
2. A person who wears unusally large clothing.
1.Yo that mody just jacked my wallet.
2.homey is moded out, he got the 9X on
by kessler May 11, 2006
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The ship name for Muffin and Cody.

*This definition is useful if you have a friend named Cody and he likes Muffin(s)
Do you ship Mody?
by Blurxed August 18, 2018
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