a sexy beast of a drummer. Keith played for The Who, often known for smashing his drumsets, passing out on stage, drinking too much, driving cars into pools, and blowing up toilets.
"Yeah, remember how Keith Moon put goldfish in his drumset?"
by Aliceness February 5, 2010
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British Drummer, 1946 – 1978, best known as the drummer for The Who during their most creative period. At his peak (circa 1970), Moon was probably the finest rock drummer that ever was. He was one of the first drummers to employ an extended drum kit (two bass drums, etc.) – more unusually, he had a style that could actually make full use of all the extra equipment. (Listen to “Cobwebs and Strange” off “A quick one” to get some idea of what Moon was capable of – not exactly a drum solo, but the closest thing he ever recorded to one.) His ability was progressively eroded by substance abuse and a destructive lifestyle up to his death in 1978. His passing effectively marked the end of The Who, although they released two more albums of original material (with Kenny Jones as drummer) and have continued to tour intermittently since.
One of my greatest regrets is not seeing a performance by The Who with Keith Moon at his peak.
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv October 3, 2006
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2 words, "A legend!", no, really, once drummer for the who, but died in new york 3 1/2 months after a reenactment gig they did for "the kids are alright" in 1979. this man was also crazy, I mean crazy, this is the sort of guy who threw cherry bombs down upon police officers from his hotel room window, and once, in Saskatoon, Canada, got so bored he resorted to chopping ALL his hotel furniture into kindling.
by jimmy smith May 10, 2005
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The baddest badass rock star of em all. Not a bad drummer either..
Driving cars into swimming pools. Blowing up hotel rooms. Walking in public naked.
by Derm November 25, 2003
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The single greatest drummer and rock star of all time. Played for The Who. He lived a reckless, care free life that eventually led to his death at age 31 of a drug overdose on September 7th, 1978. He was known for blowing up his drum set, and also kicking it over a lot. Singuarly the greatest musician to ever live.
Don't take my word for it, go out and buy Tommy or Live At Leeds.
by Sparky December 22, 2004
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The most (literally) insane and crazy drummer the world has ever known. Pretty much the first legit Punk Rocker. Infamous for eating goldfish, exploding drum sets, and throwing Televisions out of hotel windows. Oh, and revolutionizing drums in rock n' roll. Known to be an inspiration of John Bonham, who also kicks ass.
The Who still kick ass - but not NEARLY as much without Keith Moon's presence on stage!
by Joe Vulgaris May 21, 2010
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Original drummer of The Who.
Moon was born on August 23, 1946 in Middlesex.
He joined The Who in 1964. Gained the reputation of the best rock and roll drummer in musical history, along with a reputation for leading a destructive lifestyle with a lot of drugs and booze.
Commonly known as Moonie or Moon the Loon. Sometimes called the bell boy, because of his song Bell Boy in Quadrophenia.
Moon married his pregnant girlfriend Kim Kerrigan in 1966. His daughter Mandy was born on July 12, 1966.
Kerrigan left Moon in 1973, for the Faces keyboarder, Ian McLagan. Moon later began dating Annette Walter-Lax, and in 1975, Kerrigan and Moon divorced.
Keith Moon also recommended the name Led Zeppelin to Jimmy Page, who was about to name his band Mad Dog.
Moon died on September 7, 1978, at the age of 32. He died of an overdose of alcoholism-combating pills that he took with alcohol, the opposite of what he was supposed to do.
The Who stopped recording after Moon's death, but kept on touring with a replacement drummer.
There is no substitute for Keith Moon.

Keith Moon was an amazing drummer, and he was cute to boot.
by LukieInTheSky December 28, 2010
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