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A sound made by combining a mumble and the last half of "OK". Represents a distracted affirmation
"Could you do this for me?"
by Randy August 01, 2004
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just another way to say "ok" . like thinking the thinking sound mmmmm + ok forms "mmk"

can be used in a positive or negative sense. by anybody.
Joe: I'll brb.
Bob: mmk.
Bob: I made out with your sister while you were away.
Joe: mmk.
by Sara!Jane October 19, 2005
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A phase used to reply to something. Usually indicates nothing, just a reply to fill in the silence. It's not negative, nor a positive reply. It is barely used to indicate awkwardness on a conversation. Sometimes ended with ok/okay.
Person 1: I like cheese.

Person 2: Mmk, okay.
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
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1.)what you say when you're like, ummm ok, but you dont wanna say umm ok so you say mmk...
2.)or you can say mmk when you dont know what else to say so youre just like....mmk; usually used in online chat
3.)oh and you cant say it because its mine...MINE oh and Ashleys
1.) Ryan: "so anyways, i hate that emo kid he is so friggin annoying!"
Me: (what is he talking about?) "mmk"
2.) Ryan: "so...uh bored"
Me: "mmmmmmk"
3.) Better not use it wrong...
by brooke January 28, 2005
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When a girl text you. "Mmmk" "k" or "K." you really fucked up like you owe this girl flowers and chocolate. And you need to kiss her feet. You made her super upset
Boyfriend: tbh your friend has a nicer add then you do, just saying
Girlfriend: mmk
by Mgm06mad August 09, 2018
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