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Pronounced my-zur. To live off of other people. To abuse someone elses kindness. If a someone offers a beer, a mizer takes 5. If someone offers a cigarette, a mizer takes two - smokes one and puts the other behind his/her ear.
"A what? A mizer."
"Mize, rise, gize and resize."
"You're such a mizer."
"He's such a fuckin' mizer."
"Can I bum a cigarette?" (even though the person has a full pack, they bum a cigarette, this makes them a mizer)
by Dah House September 18, 2008
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short for sodomizer

used to tell people they are gay and that they like to sodomize people

another varaition of the word sodomite
"Koper, you are such a mizer."
by Nicker Tanglees February 03, 2007
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An elder, someone who has more knowledge and/or ability than you. Commonly used in competitive card games.
I am such a mizer, I completely dominate you n00bs.
by RighteousMSJ February 07, 2004
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A mizer is sum1 whom ud like to see by run over by a tricycle just so u cud have the satisfaction of boasting about what u have seen at a later date
terry has no value in my life hes just a mizer
by Vethment January 17, 2004
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