Dreamy male Japanese singer with deep operatic voice, often with wild vibrato. Former singer of "Pride of Mind" and "Malice Mizer", Klaha has chosen to pursue a solo career and has released his first album Nostal Lab and a single titled Marchen.
Idiot: Klaha tries to be like Gackt hyuk-hyuk
by tan October 4, 2004
A Klaha are those who went quiet, or ghost by not responding anymore.
Malice Mizer had three singers each have a era. The Klaha era, or Shiroi era is a very short one, and Klaha met the band disbandment almost one year after joining. Klaha went quiet, and that is very Klaha like. He left the general public questioning his whereabouts that is so Klaha!.

When are you going to respond?. Stop being a Klaha! -_-. *sends text on messenger*
by S.L.I June 14, 2019
Opera singer with a big chin gone poppy pop. Formerly of the Japanese Visual band Malice Mizer.
Xio: "Dude, Klaha's got one hell of a chin."

Tak: "I know."
by xio September 8, 2004