To change your position in order win favors or votes.
"She told Jane she hated Madonna. The she pulls a Mitt Romney and tells me she loves Madonna."
by SkyScott May 25, 2007
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Former governor of Massachusetts. Moderate Republican.... has had to move himself over to the rightin an attempt to get the Republican nomination for President. Smart, good looking, and potentially a dangerous candidate, but Bush has probably doomed any chance the GOP could keep the white house..... unless the Democrats run OJ Simpson or Saddam's corpse..... which wouldn't really be that shocking since they ran John Kerry and Al Gore.
It's one article a day about Mitt Romney now. Is America ready for a Mormon President? Is America ready for a Mormon President? Pretty soon.... it'll be an article a second.
by flipswirl January 13, 2007
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Something Massachusetts is happy to be rid of. More commonly known as "Mitt the Shit" or "Mittens", Romney left office before he could be run out of the state on a rail. He really did a good job fixing the Big Dig. Yeah, right!

This guy is not only incompetitent, he's the biggest flip-flopper in politics. And this doesn't mean his position "evolves" over time or as the situation changes. Mitten's position changes depending on which state he happens to be in at the time. No nuance about this guy. He's one of those "dazzle them with bullshit" kind of politicians, about as cardboard and phony as you will find in politics.
Mitt Romney is George W. Bush after elocution lessons.
by DK Sett May 8, 2007
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The Mitt Romney: (Verb)

1) Sexual intercourse wherein one's partner becomes highly self conscious and overly accommodating often resulting in heavy perspiration and multiple position changes usually preceding an anti-climatic finish. Phrases such as "Is this okay with you?" or "am I doing ok, would you like to try something different?" are symptomatic of this condition.

2) The residual transfer of synthetic tanning solution from one partner to another, also known as "the Romney hickey."
Todd was excited to attempt the 'flying lotus' position he learned in the kama sutra but it quickly turned into 'The Mitt Romney' after he sweated all over me, slipped off the kitchen counter and twisted his ankle.
by the sunless tanner September 12, 2011
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Shape-shifting, cream-cheese LDS hustler with a spray-on tan. Currently seeking the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination. A fiscal conservative's dream, which is to say malleable and not-too-bright, but can be counted on to look after the interests of the very rich and to never raise their taxes (see George W. Bush). Republican-leaning women will vote for Mitt based on his looks alone. If he is nominated, will probably be our next president due to the sheer stupidity of the typical American voter (see George W. Bush). Will also hammer gay people to assure the Bible-beaters and red-faced Southern haters that he worries about what consenting adults do in bed just as much as they do.
"I'm Mitt, I'm shit"
"Mitt Romney has changed positions more times than a Stretch Armstrong doll"
"If elected, Mitt Romney promises to give everyone in America their own planet to live on after they die!"
by Chatty Chrissy January 29, 2008
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