1. A congressmen or representative who say they represent their people but rather pursue self interests
2. An elected official who claims to believe one way but votes the opposite
3. A politician who holds office who lied to his constituents just to get their votes and contributions
4. A congressmen or representative who's campaign is paid for by a wealthy contributor(s) to fool the people that he is to represent into believing he has their best interests in mind when in fact he's doing the bidding of the wealthy contributor(s).
I voted for those dumbasses and they don't reflect my opinion at all. Instead of representatives they should be called misrepresentatives, he ain't no representative he's a misrepresentative.

"The wealthy Electric and Coal Corporations paid for your campaign congressman," said the lobbyist, "you need to vote against that bill, even though you and I know it would be in the best interest of the people in your district to breathe clean air."
by Captain Cheesewhiz November 13, 2014
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Junior grimes, if anyone chooses to worship him then they’re not properly representing him
Junior: don’t worship anybody, not even me! For I am the first and last of the sinful.

People: okay but we believe you are divine

Guy 1: your really misrepresented old J now, didn’t you?
by Postage it November 3, 2021
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