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Hot Heroine from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Also a female who makes numerous typos!
I got drunk with Misato!!!
by Daisuke January 08, 2004
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A girl that is sweet, intelligent and kind, someone you would want with you anywhere... In English, translated Bella-Sophie, meaning beauty and wisdom together... What a lovely combo!! If you find one, keep hold of her for as long as you can; she is definitely sweater than honey, and knows everything- in other words is super smart. She is so popular, though she knows that being popular isn't everything. She is normally cute, especially the way she smiles and laughs. Plus, it's a true smile; she's always happy. She is definitely a hard worker, and with her, she will always look out for you; help you when you are hurt, and say kind things to you that will motivate you. She is loved by everybody(even boys) from her young age. If you get to meet one, think you are really lucky- she is so special!! Not to mention what great girlfriend it would make, because of her neatness and cuteness!! She is so cute and adorable and a perfect girlfriend for boys:)
P1: OMG!! It's amazing! I know a Misato!
P2: Yeah... You should ask Misato out!
by #crazyunicorns July 16, 2018
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