A drunken purple haired hottie from Neon Genesis Evangelion who is a total mommy gf.
Person 1: Misato best girl!
Person 2: Misato best woman!
Person 3: Misato best mommy!
by wugugugug October 03, 2020
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Hot Heroine from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Also a female who makes numerous typos!
I got drunk with Misato!!!
by Daisuke January 08, 2004
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Misatoe is a Tiktoker apart of "Anime Tiktok." He is defined as "The man that never misses." He is also very cool and is awesome
Person 1: Who's Misatoe?
Person 2: You don't know Misatoe??? He is the Man that never misses!
Person 1: Damn, he seems cool. I'll definitely go follow him, just like the person reading this
by Godhand.idc.sama February 12, 2021
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we get it you have daddy issues and a substance abuse problem
they’re a misato kinnie so they looks for a father figure in the men they like
by laurelleaf20 September 12, 2021
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