A drunken purple haired hottie from Neon Genesis Evangelion who is a total mommy gf.
Person 1: Misato best girl!
Person 2: Misato best woman!
Person 3: Misato best mommy!
by wugugugug October 3, 2020
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Hot Heroine from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Also a female who makes numerous typos!
I got drunk with Misato!!!
by Daisuke January 8, 2004
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Misatoe is a Tiktoker apart of "Anime Tiktok." He is defined as "The man that never misses." He is also very cool and is awesome
Person 1: Who's Misatoe?
Person 2: You don't know Misatoe??? He is the Man that never misses!
Person 1: Damn, he seems cool. I'll definitely go follow him, just like the person reading this
by Godhand.idc.sama February 12, 2021
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we get it you have daddy issues and a substance abuse problem
they’re a misato kinnie so they looks for a father figure in the men they like
by laurelleaf20 September 12, 2021
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Misato moment is when a female character (usually older) makes romantic/sexual advances on a younger male character. Named after Katsuragi Misato after her.... questionable behavior with shinji as when she gets custody of him she assures that "she won't try anything"(kind of a strange thing to say when you get custody of a minor) and that in end of evangelion she kisses him and tells him "That was a grown up kiss, we'll do the rest once you get back" ALSO ALSO in the documents of episode 23 of neon genesis evangelion she straight up offers him sex after he loses someone close to him (found that on tvtropes)
Person A: Have you heard of Chainsaw Man? there's this girl who tries to fuck the main protagonist! she's an adult woman and he's 16!
Person B: Misato moment
Person A: what the fuck are you talking about stop speaking in urban dictionary buzzwords you goddamn philistine
by Epicfortnites3xormod69420 September 6, 2022
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