Miri is amazing. She is funny athletic smart and above all the best person on earth. She is the know-how person to get along with. She is the best advice giver and you want to be her best friend. She is never slutty and will always stay by your side. She is naturally pretty and never needs makeup. Everyone loves her and she doesn't brag about that.
Bob: Gosh i love Miri
Mary: She is my best friend, aren't you jealous?
by lalagoo September 14, 2014
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miri is short for miriam. she has an amazing voice but doesn’t show off. she is super loving and has brown straight hair. she’s talkative and loves the performing arts. she’s not the smartest but not the dumbest either. you are so lucky to have met a miri if you have. she can be a sweetheart or a total bad bitch.
Sam: Have you seen Miri?
Dave: Of course! She is so adorable and hot.
Sam: I know right? I want to date her so bad.
by thebossbitch June 29, 2021
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Hey, wheres your miri? Oh she's sick.
by Milskies October 18, 2010
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Miri is a girl's name. it's short for Miriana, which is a serbian name.
it describes a very cute and social person. a Miri is kind of picky with friends, but therefore a very loyal friend herself. Miris usually rely on first impressions.

they are also pretty stubborn regarding friendships as well as career. because of their organised way of being and their hard work, they are very reliable.
a Miri tends to be small and cute, with good taste in clothing. but beneath this veil of cuteness lies a very challenging and determined person.

a Miri resembles a cat and is very hard to please in a relationship. she needs to get everything she wants and be treated like a princess. but she will always be loyal and work hard to assure everything the couple needs.
Miri is a great person and a very good friend!
oh, Miri is sooo cute!
by Oonzy May 3, 2011
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mirielys is someone with a wonderful spirit. she always pushes herself and other to be positive and happy, no matter what she is going trough. She is so unbelievably strong. everyone admires that in her. she could be going through hell, but still keep that positive aura around her. she is also not afraid to put you in your place, to tell you if you do something that she feels is wrong or that or triggers her. but she does this to help them grow. most of all, she is strong and kind and always tries to make others feel happier, and will always put her personal crap aside and be there for everyone who needs it
by yogirlmichelle November 22, 2020
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-Did we try and add our band's name to the dictionary?
-Yup. MIRY is an independent rock band from Bulgaria, that more people should know about.
by MIRY June 19, 2019
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a totally athletic person. usually born into a high class family. very natural and pretty. most miris have lots of people hate them but she is not a rude or mean spirited person at all usually a popular person who is not rude. most miris are very smart and can be very blonde at times. many miris have very large boobs and a tiny body. miris can be made fun of very often for unvarified reasons. miris are usualy ditzy but fun. miris are usually willing to give or reciave oral from anyone. can be a little sluttty sometimes but not very.
sam: god that girl is such a miri!

joe: i know i wish she was mine

jack: i know she has big tits!
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