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Miri is a girl's name. it's short for Miriana, which is a serbian name.
it describes a very cute and social person. a Miri is kind of picky with friends, but therefore a very loyal friend herself. Miris usually rely on first impressions.

they are also pretty stubborn regarding friendships as well as career. because of their organised way of being and their hard work, they are very reliable.
a Miri tends to be small and cute, with good taste in clothing. but beneath this veil of cuteness lies a very challenging and determined person.

a Miri resembles a cat and is very hard to please in a relationship. she needs to get everything she wants and be treated like a princess. but she will always be loyal and work hard to assure everything the couple needs.
Miri is a great person and a very good friend!
oh, Miri is sooo cute!
by Oonzy May 03, 2011
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