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"One of the funniest ARMY translators/eng subbers on YouTube; she/he does an amazing job subbing as well as adding in his/her own hilarious commentary in between subtitles. Also FAST AF w/ uploads and tries their best to share quality BTS content at the risk of getting copyright strikes and their channel being taken down

Mintae is an ARMY that's soft for all members of BTS (but is a secret/obvious seokjin stan) and has kept the same, iconic Youtube Icon of Kim Seokjin. Despite having his/her channel be taken down by YouTube COUNTLESS times, Mintae continues to work hard to provide great content and subtitles for ARMYs all over the word. He/She has admitted to be learning/speaking English, Korean, Spanish, etc. in order to provide subtitles to those ARMYs who are unable to understand Korean.

Also known for hilarious YouTube channel names after being taken down so many times: mintae, mintae 2.0, mintae 3.0, etc. and currently run a YouTube channel with the original name "mintae"
ARMY #1: Are you subscribed to mintae's new Youtube channel? I heard he/she got taken down again by Youtube lol
ARMY #2: Did he/she get taken down by Youtube again?! I'll need to subscribe lol
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by yoongihasniceelbows March 18, 2017
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Some who is a retarded homosexual cripple. Variations include MintGay, Gimptae, and MinTurd.
Min Tae is pissing me off.
by LArkster December 12, 2007
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