Also used sarcastically when something rank happens.
For realz:
Josh: "D'glester, that fit is absolutely MINT!

*2 Bros driving and they hit a bump which shoots a cup of coffee up at the driver in which he swerves away off the road to encounter a log lying in the dirt upon which the car flys up from the log and lands in a ditch creating a short rollover crash tossing around the large boxes of slim Jim's in the back seat.
Brock: "This is totally MINT my guy"
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by FryradDarad December 07, 2019
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Pressed MDMA. slightly different from rolls, which are ecstasy pills that are not as pure.
Dude: "yo, i got mints, you want some?"
other dude: "hell yeah, man. sounds like a good night to me!"
by mintmann February 18, 2011
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Minnesota INcompetent Twat. The Minnesota version of a FIB (Fucking Illinois Bastard) to be used when a Minnesotan is being a fucking dumbass while driving.
Get out of the left lane you fucking M.I.N.T.!
by WiscoBadger March 31, 2017
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That was Mint,
I saw this really MINT film at the weekend
by Chrissy December 23, 2004
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