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A minja is a midget ninja (mini ninja). Minjas are extremely small, fast and very dangerous. Santa Claus is a ninja and so are his elfs. It has however been debated whether the elfs are defined as minjas or not. For more info:
"And a minja, they can do some cool stuff that I really wish I could do. Like they'll throw a shuriken and then they'll jump on top of the very shuriken that they threw. It'll like hit you in the neck, then they'll punch you in the face."
by Dr Heelhook April 17, 2006
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A midget ninja. Or, vertically challenged ninjitsu master, preferably dressed in black sheetlike like garments
In the most epic battle to ever take place, minja's versus pirate midgets. The tiniest shurikens and cannons you will ever see.

A shorter version of the game Ninja Gaiden=Minja Gaiden
by BVA March 05, 2010
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said as minya/minia

A beautiful girl. Probably good as dancing. Moves like a vampire or a ninja, gracefully and actually is as beautiful as a vampire. Minja doesn't talk to people she doesn't know.
Wow, that girl is adorable! She must be minja!

-Look at that girl, isn't she the sane girl who really doesn't talk at school? Now she talks as if this was the last day !
-Yes she is, she is Minja
by demonsmnq October 30, 2016
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Minja: A furious Mexican ninja utilizing the Martial Art style of the furious Chihuahua. Often found in typical ninja garb but also sporting a sombrero.
Did you watch the MMA fight last night? Rodriguez is one badass minja.
by TrojanMayhem February 05, 2010
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To stealthily engage in intercourse , like a ninja of the minge
"I snuck in there and shagged the arse off her, I was a proper minja"
by Billymac July 23, 2013
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A ninja who happens to be a midget.
"I was sitting on the couch, drinking a beer & watching the game. When, out of the darkness appeared a Minja, who proceeded to kick me in the head & run off with my remote. What are the odds?"
by ProgPrincess October 31, 2009
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A sneaky ninja that comes only comes in xxxs, kinda like a Shetland pony - Small but it somehow still works !!

Rather than using samurai swords they tend to use smaller items like sporks...

You tend to only get bruised shins when facing a Minja
"I need someone to be killed but only a little killed, you need a Minja"
"What do midget strippers do for a day job?"
"Simone is a Minja"
by jamondontoast2 May 30, 2017
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