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A unit of time. Greater than 59 seconds but not more than 61 seconds. Commonly used in referance to initiating a pause in the spacial time continum for the sole purpose of alerting the reciepient to prepare for the imminent relaying of important information between a speaker and an audience.
"Now wait just one minizzle"
by Joey DiJulio December 10, 2003
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'Snoopified' word for 'Minute' used in an AOL 9.0 television commercial
After the man recommends using an old Snoop Dogg CD to fill in for the AOL disk the customers were going to use to complete their fish made of CD's Snoop Dogg comes around the corner behind the customers and says "Now wait just one minizzle"
by Pat December 24, 2003
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what stupid little suburban wanna-be-black white boys say along with hizzie and all the other nonsense in a desperate attempt to look cool.

who are these white boys, you ask? they are the sons of fathers who wore white angel flight suits trying to be italian in the late 70's. we all know how well all that turned out...
wb: yo, check it, i'll be at me hizzie in a minizzle

mom: i told you to quit talking like that.

wb: sorry mom. i mean i'll have your SUV back home in a minute.

mom: i feel you
by minizzleman December 21, 2003
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