To perform anal sex, to sodomize

(Minchia is dialectical Italian - Sicilian - meaning penis)
from the film Uncle Meat - the guy from Alabama explains the word minchia, then points at a girl's naked ass and says "d'you put your minchia in the stinkia?"
by Noxema-Tapioca April 17, 2008
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its when mum and dad do unga unga and dad put is dick in the mum
che bella minchia in culo
by impostorre October 26, 2020
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Exclamation, marking something perceived to be not worthy, usually mistaken to be understood as such. Literally it comes from the word "minchia" that means "cock" in Sicilian and Calabrian dialect (even if well understood and partially used in the rest of Italy, especially in the South and in the city of Milan) and "Zio" that means "homie" or "brother".
"Minchia zio, hai rotto lo zoca!"
by zocabazooka January 16, 2018
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Hai mai giocato a YuGiOh? Hai mai visto la carta Proto Cyber-Drago?
Ecco, la prima volta che l'ho vista
Ho fatto: eh ok ma che vuol dire proto
E quindi siamo qui che parliamo
by Protominchiatore July 31, 2020
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