Person from Calabria, the southern-most region or the toe of Italy. People from Calabria typically have dark brown or black hair that is very thick, have fair to olive skin, and have green or brown eyes. Although these features or traits can be seen as stereotypes towards Calabrians and /or Sicilians and other southern Italians, they actually true in most cases. Such variations in complexion, hair color, and eye color are due to invasions, attacks, and settling of the Greeks, Arabs, Etruscans, Africans, and other tribes/peoples in southern Italy.
Joe: That kid Vincenzo's family is from Calabria and hes really hairy, but hes so pale! Shouldn't he be olive complected or have tan skin since he's Calabrian?

Lou: Not all Calabrians are darker skinned and hairy Lou. There were many invasions and settlings in Italy from light-skinned peoples and tribes, and dark-skinned peoples/tribes, which means different skin colors, eye colors, and just in general varied traits. Do some research pal. And by the way, that kid Cenzo looks Spanish in the summer he gets so tan.
by SicilianoPaesano January 16, 2013
A resident or someone born in the Jane and Sheppard area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada also known as British Calabria.

Someone who is born in North America of Calabrian parents.
“Where do you live?”

The Jane and Sheppard area.”

“So, you’re a British Calabrian.”
by RUFF RUFF July 17, 2022