These girls are unique. They are stunningly beautiful, almost too much so. They have a very nice ass, usually long pretty hair. They usually have more guy friends than girls, coolest, funniest, funnest chick to hang out with.
Boy1: Damn, that girl is amazingly beautiful!
Boy2: Yeah! She's an Ecco.

She's the coolest chick to hang out with, such an Ecco.
by danny99 May 29, 2010
A game made by SEGA that starts out as a cute little kiddy game but scares the fuck outta you when you get to later levels
"Dude I was playing Ecco the Dolphin and shat myself when I saw that alien thing!"
by Cop_Killer_Nose_Pick April 26, 2010
A person who is friendly with the SEGA video game character Ecco the Dolphin.
1. He beat every Ecco the dolphin game, he is Ecco Friendly.
2. If you rescue Ecco from the tuna net, you are Ecco Friendly.
3. Ecco Friendly people are protesting dolphin meat in public lunch programs.
by Salty Tea March 22, 2010
An assclown that burns SUVs and causes more trouble than the SUV they bur
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
A disgusting form of footwaer, where your god damn toes sticks out. It is the most gross thing ever!
Girl: Oh he looks cute
Other girl: Have you seen his feet, he is wearing fucking Ecco sandaler, GROSS!
by THELEGEND27!!!!!!!!!!!!!! February 9, 2017