Debby Ryan is a talented American actress born in Alabama, but lived in Germany until the age of 10.
She is best known for her roles on the Disney Channel shows ‘Jessie’ and ‘Suite Life on Deck’, however she most recently starred in the satirical drama, ‘Insatiable’.
Debby is beautiful, kind, and funny, even taking part in the meme about herself that went viral on TikTok. She has a big heart and is an advocate for mental health and spreading awareness on current world issues.
Debby also hosts a podcast, There You Are, in which she talks about mental health, disorders, and other topics with celebrities (mainly co-stars of hers).
Person 1: Hey, who was that pretty actress that starred in ‘Jessie’?
Person 2: Debby Ryan!
by OphieLia July 6, 2020
an actress in the Netflix original Insatiable and was on The suite Life of Zack and Cody
is the fiancée of twenty one pilots drummer Josh Dun and loves him very much.
A beautiful queen that’s hated on for no reason by the Clique.
all these people are hating on Debby Ryan when they are just 12 year olds sad they don’t have a chance with Josh Dun
by teaspilling January 27, 2019
She is an actres who played Jessie on Disney Channel's original tv show “Jessie” she was also in another Disney original called Radio Rebel where she played a quirky young girl who had her own radio show about gossiping. She has become a TikTok meme and is now all over everyone's fyp.
Person 1: omg did you see that meme about radio rebel on TikTok?!
Person 2: yeah it’s all over my fyp!
Person 3: guys her name is Debby Ryan
by Qwertybui May 1, 2020
A pretty hot star of The Suite Life on Deck. I predict Debby Ryan will be Disney's next amateur singer.
Debby Ryan seduced Cody in the last episode of The Suite Life on Deck
by London_Fan22 January 25, 2009
She is an actress mostly know for playing Jessie on Disney Channel's original show “Jessie” she is also now a TikTok star/meme and the famous app called TikTok
Person 1: Omg did Jessica! Did u see that meme on TikTok p?
Person 2: Yeah it’s the one about Debby Ryan
by Qwertybui May 1, 2020
in the movie Radio rebel actor Debbie Ryan puts her chin to her chest and drags her 2 fingers above her ear an moves her lips to the side. creator's on the app called tiktok have been using this facial expression as a way to express locking into someone/something as a joke
by socialecxperiment June 29, 2020
a very bad actress that was in jessie and is ✨🧚😜radio rebel🎉😍💕 there was also a tik tok trend about her terrible acting and the way she side smirked and put her hair behind her ears and also the way she dramatically walks
no one:

tik tok one day: “let’s make fun of debby ryan for a couple days”

the rest of tik tok: “sooo idea”

the whole fyp:*debby ryan smirks* *puts hair behind ears* *mocks the way she dramatically and terribly walks* “iM rAdiO rEbEl
by kitty_gurl May 10, 2020