Derived from the italian for penis, Minchia is used as a noun describing ANYTHING that is cheesy, stereotypical, self-conscious or just plain minchia. This definition is minchia in itself.
1) In music - damn, I've really had enough of that death-by-nostalgia Franz-Ferdinand minchia
2) In food - say, shall we go out for a minchia meal?
3) In the arts - jeez, the whole concept of theatre was minchia from the start
by Moo March 23, 2005
The word "minchia" comes from the sicilian dialect.
It means "penis" but it's also used as exclamation when something bad or good happens.
It can be heard in a lot of american films about italo-american mafia (ex. Donnie Brasco) with an american pronuciation (minga).
"Minchia!! Look at that ass!!
"Minchia!! This pasta is horrible"
"Minchia! I hit the jackpot"
by Lorenzo_10 April 13, 2021
Distinct to east end montreal exists the phenomemenon of mixing spoken english with french and italian grammer or syntax. Any user of this unusual hybrid languge can be referred to as a minchia mary. The male counterpart would be known as a minchia Joe.
Minchia-mary, do me three coffees to bring! (fare me tre caffe per portare) Even me I don't put those dresses. (I will not wear that style of dress either)
by Baffone February 24, 2008
In areas in Montreal where large Italian groups live such as St.Leonard, Ignorant men or boys that speak using Italian expressions and English that are trying to prove there superiority over others are referred to as "Minchia Bros". The female version is referred to as a " Minchia Mary"
Minchia Bro, that guy is so annoying, vaffanculo!
The constant spam of saying minchia:
Minchia bro, minchia minchia minchia...
by Minchiaminchiabromary May 25, 2012
in italian: "I got a big bunch of dick".
Famous for the homonymous song from the album "Uncle Meat" by Frank Zappa.
by ThingFish October 17, 2003
Exact translation in Italian for go break a dick
Ma va scasaci la minchia. You're annoying me
by Miguele March 10, 2017