To 'pull a millsaps' is to fail to stop an easily forseeable, easily preventable, ridiculous event from happening, due to general ineptitude.

The Millsaps football team pulled a millsaps against Trinity when they failed to stop a last-second 15-pitch touchdown.
If firefighters fail to prevent an arsonist from burning down their fire department with a single match, they pull a millsaps.
by John Newhouse November 5, 2007
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An Xbox gamer loved by all because he loves to help out. Also a state of tranquility.
Ex. 1: If we need one more for Destiny 2 what ever can get DoK Millsap.

Ex. 2: My day can’t get any better man. I just got paid and the sun is shining. Getting my DoK Millsap on.
by Solo Man Grundy October 22, 2017
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The act of being struck in the testicles mid rebound, by another player in an NBA exhibition game
Damn, Paul Millsap just got millsapped!
by RTSCLE33 June 2, 2017
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