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The unaired episode of Animal Planet featuring a well hung man squeezing the white venom out of his pet pocket cobra. A term usually defining the process of stimulating a cobra's fangs to produce venom in the hope of deriving an anti-venum. Milking the cobra aside from reptiles and solo wanking can also be achieved with a partner preferably with the opposite sex, but to each their own.
Last night I blinded me Julie when she was milking the cobra. He was angry and spat in her eye. She is in guarded, but stable condition.
by Mattyboyee February 13, 2006
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The female art of urinating while standing or in a semi-standing position. This is usually accomplished by a female utilizing two fingers to position her labias in a manner that unimpedes the flow of urine from her urethra.
Jane was walking home drunk from the club with Jack and needed to piss. With nowhere viable to go, she decided to milk the cobra right there in the alley.

"milking the cobra"
by USMC Master Sgt May 21, 2009
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