a term used by individuals who feel something is intuitively racist, but cannot articulate why
I think Lou Dobbs is more than just misguided, I find him mildly racist.
by GypsyLocater August 14, 2008
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(Adj.) The nicest way to still call someone completely and utterly retarded.
That girl who ran into that telephone pole seems mildly retarded.
by Shitspopper August 11, 2008
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its really infuriating to deal with or see but it not to the point of anger so you live with the constant burden of knowing there is an imperfection somewhere around the world that you saw and can never fix.
"hey want to see something mildly infuriating", "yeah" "look at the base... it doesn't move but the blades are wobbling. it will stay like that forever."
by XXX_G@m3rGuy$_XXX January 01, 2020
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Mildly Sexual, between anybody, may usually consist of oral sex, and anything considered less than that in society. however, no penetration is involved.
this dare is mildly sexual, but i'll do it anyway.
by RobotJones2010 December 24, 2011
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1. To be noticably gay/ homsexual
2. A metro, male with a strangly good sence of fasion etc.
Jarred realized the men hitting on him were due to his mildly festive pink slacks and I love BOYZ tee-shirt.
by MastaP January 24, 2006
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A phrase used when you want to give someone props for something that isn't even "pretty good", but isn't quite bad either. It's just barely passable, and therefore "mildly adequate"
Ben: "What do you think?"

Tom thinks to self: Well, it wasn't that good, but it wasn't bad...

Tom: "Hey, that's mildly adequate!"
by YupIGuessSo May 17, 2017
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A phrase used in situations that dont call for it.
Person 1: "There's a girl laying in pee over there."
Person 2: "Thats Fuckin mildly attractive."
by T Reeezy November 23, 2009
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