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mikell= something or someone large and unstoppable
after Quentin Mikell, the Eagles safety
If you want to get in you'll have to do a Mikell
by ewokPatina March 24, 2008
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The definition of a perfect human she is all around amazing and she has a sharp personality but a warm heart and ur lucky to get her❀
Dang man look at Mikell she is so nice
by Cheerxm March 14, 2017
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Someone who is mean, don't care about no one and is disrespectful, but loyal to girls doesn't call girls names and has a girlfriend if she breaks up with him she won't know what she lost and he hates when she talks to others guys because he wants a perfect relation shit she can only talk to family guys,guys that mikell knows and n9 random boys mikell doesn't know
Mikell can be disrespectful,nice,overprotective,full of hare and no feelings
by Tbckell November 27, 2018
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