(noun) This name is commonly associated with intelligence and wit. Often times those named Mikelle will pursue careers in which both their humor and straightforwardness is highlighted and highly sought-after.

Normally very calculated and extremely logical but also showing signs of incredible creativity when forced into a creative situation, e.g. when playing games in low down drinking establishments on the bad side of town.

Is also often associated with dancing until all hours of the night to 80s new wave music leaving the party with which she came trying to drag her off of the dance floor.

Mikelles are often petite and sprightly with a fierce sense of humor and fiery indignation for poor drivers and poor dental hygiene

Those named Mikelle are often mistaken for classically trained ballet dancers and have an uncanny ability to take the names of ordinary things and turn them into adjectives or even verbs.
Mikelle just beat everybody at one, four, twenty-four and she's never played that game

Inebriated gentleman: Are you a dancer per chance?
Mikelle: No.

Mikelle: Everybody that is a member of Facebook I think I shall refer to them as "Facebookers!" and the act of them writing to one another on Facebook will be known as "Facebooking"!
by Mitch Doctor October 21, 2009
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