verb (middle-naming, middle-named)

used to describe the act of calling someone by their first and second names, usually to repremand them.
Did you get in trouble for last night?
Yeah, I even got middle-named.
by Stefanie January 18, 2005
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When someone is really mad at you so they yell your first and middle name.(v)
Mom: "Betty Louise, did you make this huge dent in the car door?!"
Betty Louise: (on the phone)"Oh man, Sara, I just got middle-named, because my mom found out about the huge dent in the car door."
by Chesmerelda November 2, 2005
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Your second name usually used if your first name sucks or if you move to a different country and your first name sounds stupid in there language
Example Middle name - Yuri sounds stupid in spanish so i went by Alfredo and Alfredo sounds stupid in English so i go by Yuri
by Alfredosauce97 June 24, 2011
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Can also refer to someone who uses there middle-nam as they would there first
Kyle's first name is Sean. So he is middle-named.
by Dinoras November 5, 2005
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What you don't want your kids growing up to be, since most people with well-known middle names are assassins or serial killers. (Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wayne Gacy).
Person 1: "So what do you want your kids to be when they grow up?"
Person 2: "Don't care, as long as they don't end up Middle Name Famous."
by Dexter88 September 7, 2010
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Let me guess, you're named after your great grandma rose too?
"Rose is a middle name given after your great grandmother who we all called rose."

"Oh your middle name is rose? So is mine! How'd you get it?"
"My great grandmother :)"
"Me too!!"
middle name rose in a scenario B)
by https.alex July 18, 2021
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