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The financially 'comfortable' sociopolictical group that most people aspire to as a base level of social standing, whilst treating the same 'class' with derision for thier mundanely suburban lifestyle and location.
Saying: "Fucking middle class mummies in thier Chelsea tractors.

Thinking: '...that's a nice jeep'
by EducatedChav June 17, 2009
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An american adverising term invented some time dring the course of television history.

Now widely regarded with contempt for the utterly intelligence insulting nonsensical term it is.
"New and improved Whammo juice!!! A refreshing carboanted drink that doubles as an industrial cleaning agent!!!"

"Wait... how can it be new AND improved? You can't improve on something new, since to improve something implies revising something exisiting..."
by EducatedChav June 17, 2009
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Possibly the most offensive and profane conjunction of two curse words possible.

Despite the objections of the pompous arses here and elsewhere, the two words used together make for a devastating mental blow to any victims.

Caution is advised when vocalising the term 'shit cunt' as it should only be used when you're happy to take part in fistycuffs, as it is sure to be the catalyst for violent conflict when directed at someone other than an extremely close friend.
Some snotty little shit cunt just inferred I was a member of the underclass! I think I shall proceed with all due expediency to grant him first hand experience of hows it feels to be glassed.

That traffic warden just gave me a ticket even though I was less than a minute... I think we should have discourse on the error of his actions. "Oi! Shit cunt! C'mere!"
by EducatedChav June 13, 2009
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