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A deragotory way of referring to Microsoft; usualy used by people who use alternative operating systems such as GNU/Linux, BSD, or Mac OS X.
<tech support> So you're using Windows XP?
<me> No, heck no. I don't put any of that Microsuck software on my computer.
by Peter October 28, 2004
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An insult to refer to Microsoft for their errors in console gaming ventures, such as the way the backwards compatibility in the x-box360 is flawed and has trouble working sometimes with what should have been easy games to incorporate into the system. Thus the angry response of "Damn you Microsuck!"
And possibly a "Dear ass faces letter"
Murphy:Dude whats wrong?
Ryan:Damn Microsuck and their stupid system!
Ryan:Okay if the game lags out during KOTR2 and I die at the START thats a fail on Microsuck.
by Irish teddy bear April 06, 2009
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A word that an anti-Microsoft person says because they hate Microsoft for the following reasons:

1. Microsoft Corp is awesome
2. Microsoft is getting it's innovation better and better each day
3. About 450 million licensed copies of Windows 7 has been sold
4. Microsoft's Bing is catching up to Google
5. ETC
- Apple fanboy: Who would want to buy anything from Microsuck?! Everything they make SUCKS!
- Microsoft fanboy: Well at least we are better than iSUCK.
by BlackWatches September 17, 2011
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