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Best application ever, you can draw anything you dream of with quality lower than the Nintendo DSi Camera. It is sadly exclusive to Windows so Mac users can't use the best software in history.
Simp: I drew my favorite streamer in a 18+ pose with Microsoft Paint and now I'm gonna print it out and tape it to my pillow.
Everyone else: Ew bro everyone knows you can only use it for drawing masterpieces, get yo crap out of here!
by ltotheando November 16, 2020
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Plural version of a Ho. The only thing hose are good for is as punching, they suck at everything else.
Terry: Yo, look at those hose! Thats some good booty.
Chad: Bruh hose are crap, only good for some Punch-Out.
by ltotheando November 16, 2020
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The act of crashing a shopping cart into a wall at a convenience store or any building the owner escorts you out. Most of the times they just call the police, though.
Guy: Yo bro I just gave Karen's house Wall-mart and she came out and yelled at me like frickin' Banshee.
Other Guy: Yo Karen deserved it all things considered.
by ltotheando November 16, 2020
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