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michela is a beautiful exotic girl with light brown eyes and dark hair, everyone loves michela for her intellect, sympathy and kindness. Any man would be lucky to have such a gorgeous girl like michela!
michela is such a nice person
wow that guy is so lucky he’s with michela
by _.y._ September 29, 2018
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a beautiful girl with caramel eyes and golden dirty-blonde hair. if you get on her good side she's super sweet, but if you get on her bad side she's your worst nightmare. she's great at the arts and stronger than she looks. she's popular and everyone loves her. even tho her happy side is really cheerful and happy, her angry side can be dangerous. not the one to mess with but otherwise she's a great friend and will never let you down and will do everything she can to help you in times of need.
person 1: who's that, she's so hot
person 2: that's michela!
by mika03 September 11, 2019
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Michela is generally a usually Italian girl, with caramel eyes and dark blond hair, dwarf like few others. Usually she always shows herself as an always positive girl, who makes her good life, having a good time ... but in many moments when she is alone, she feels depressed and melancholy, even without a valid reason. A Michela is very touchy and does not have much patience, so be careful not to make her angry, because otherwise she will literally explode and trust that it is not a good show. You better not mess with a Michela, because when someone bothers her or above all from annoying her friends, she goes crazy, she becomes a beast and is capable of literally doing anything.She really becomes the badass bitch ever if she want to. Apart from that you can completely trust a michela because with her you can always feel at ease, accepted, and happy. Everyone should have a Michela in their life, it can be really useful, (apart from the fact that it will make you TOO MANY figures of sh*t). In addition, a Michela is always looking for knowledge and relationships, so if you want to know a michela, take and write them immediately because she doesn't wait for anything else. A Michela also has style when she commits herself, and if she wants, she will ALWAYS reach her goals.
x:goodness, that boredom, I open instagram, but bro, who is she?
y:she is Michela, a friend, cute isn't she?
x:she's beautiful, maybe I should write it
x:but I don't know ... I'm a little ashamed
y:come on, she won't do anything interesting knowing her, and then she likes to get acquainted, and then you, tall, curly hair, handsome and intelligent, look like her type.
x:ok, you convinced me!
by pretty_empathic_0305 May 31, 2020
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The most beautiful girl in the world.
She is so lovely and smart,she is the best girl in the world.
Don’t break her heart,she doesen’t deserve it <3
by harryxswife June 12, 2021
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A beautiful italian brunnette who gets all the guys. Usually dark exotic eyes that instantly stand out to you right away. Smart in school and very fashinable. Shes neat and needs everything to be perfect. Sometimes can be a huge bitch but sometimes can be your bestfriend. Not embarrassed to do anything and can make you laugh anyday. Proud of heritage and loves expensive name brands.
"Michela is beautiful !"
"i love her eyes"
"i love her clothes"
"Michelas my best friend"
by rissy12345 October 5, 2009
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michela is a true beauty. She is very compassionate, understanding and accepting. Hates drama or any thing of the sort. Beautiful from head-to-toe, soul-to-mind. A michela is super friendly but is also very selective of who is apart of her circle. Getting into an intimate relationship with a michela is rare. Michela's aren't much for having relationships, they are care free and think of their freedom before anything else. Feel lucky if you happen to find yourself engaging anything remotely intimate with a Michela. Although Michela's are kind, they are often mistaken for being flirtatious. Michela's have an uncontrollable temper that they will take out on you if you piss one off. Michela's literally see red when made upset or mad and you will get the horns, boy. Bottom line, don't fuck with a Michela.
Michela is a good friend
by Jayson__. November 22, 2021
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A girl, who thinks she is all-that. She reckons she is really pretty, when really people see her as ugly and annoying. She covers herself by being very loud and always screaming. She is usually jealous of her pretty friends as she knows guys will never go after her, like they do to her friend.
Friend : Aiden is so cute and guess what he likes me !
Michela : Yeah, whatever ><
by ShawtyLikeMine5432 September 15, 2010
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