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Abbreviation for "my honest opinion". Used in chat rooms and message boards
Well, that is just MHO

In MHO that is just what you think
by Salomon May 02, 2004
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Acronym for 'Mouth Hole Only'. Any person who only qualifies for oral sex.
Having just given birth, my wife is MHO for the next few months.
by Rick A Shea January 06, 2011
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MHO :- A mobile ho that visits people even across states for free food and sex.
Racheal's a such MHO !! this weekend she's traveling to NJ to meet up with this dude and spend a night at his place. 300 miles for free food and sex!!

I am broke...need to call this MHO Trish coz its cheaper
by dooomjaaay December 16, 2009
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a small but feisty person who is Uncle Jesse's forbidden lover on Full House. Grendel's REAL mom. See booty.
Aunt Becky doesn't stand a chance against that Mho...she has a masters in kicking ass and taking names.
by Logan Carothers May 01, 2007
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