Being absolutely and utterly loaded in chad.

"Dude, you've got so much chadliness."

"You're full of chadliness."

"Your chadliness is unbeatable."
by Dęvįłîšh June 17, 2020
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A Chadly is a guy who magically appears each time a pot of spaghetti noodles begins to boil. He thinks it’s best to float slowly through life, jelly rollin’ off the obstacles.

He enjoys building nests of pillows and blankets that camouflage him from the rest of the world during his afternoon naps... and his evening naps... and his morning naps.

His cackles and commentary make even the most unwatchable movie hilarious. However, you might have to watch from the floor because Chadly’s don’t share couches. Chadly’s do hoard couches though and you will usually find an assortment of these throughout their homes that may or may not have a person on them passed out from the night before. Chadly’s don’t let friends drink and drive.
The chadly eats speechwriter in his blanket nest.
by Terrorsquad December 2, 2018
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Adam Chadli is so hot. He acts gay but actually isn't. He loves ass and is always funny and chill. He is very strong and although he may not seem it, he is African. He is allowed to say the n-word and was given the pass on a multiple number of occasions. If you know an Adam Chadli, you are classified as one of the luckiest people alive.
Adam Chadli is a nigger.
by 13141516 November 21, 2021
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