When a straight guy is so in touch with his feminine side, that while at bars, gay men walk up to buy him a drink, and he says, "Thank-ya SHORTAY"
"He is so metrosexual. He has macked his girl, and all the guys dont know it yet. They all think he is waiting for them."
by me October 24, 2003
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1.A straight man with suprising fashion sense. Often misconstrued as being a homosexual.
PERSON 1: "This guys apartment is really nice"
PERSON 2: "yes, it is"
PERSON 1: "No, like...reeeally nice"
PERSON 2: "do you think he's gay?"
PERSON 1: "I thought he had a girlfriend?"
PERSON 2: "He must be Metrosexual"
by metroman February 27, 2005
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One who is straight, but appears to be gay in every way.
Link, from the popular Zelda series, is a metrosexual....just kidding, he's a homo.
by Spatter Artist February 19, 2006
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Gay, but without the homosexual part.
Wow! Look at Tom wearing that pink shirt! Even though he is not gay! How metrosexual of him!
by Noob1 March 22, 2010
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A predominantly heterosexual male that is in touch with his feminine side. A person who admires clothes designed for the female and may wear such, himself. He may wear a touch of make-up, paint his nails and always has his hair well styled. He is caring and loving with other humans and would never harm a child. He cares for his own body with regular exercise, avoids most abusive substances and acknowledges the benefits of meditation. He is as much at home in the kitchen as he is in the garage. A person that knows the benefits of having an X chromosome, as well as a Y.
Alan Titchmarsh, Sammy Davis Jnr.
by Underme September 19, 2004
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