3 definitions by Escobar Crews

Guy 1: Damn, that bullet train is sexy!
Guy 2: Gross, you're a metrosexual!
Guy 1: I can't help it! I was born this way!
Guy 2: Shut up, everyone knows metrosexuality is a choice.
by Escobar Crews May 30, 2015
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If you spell it this way, you clearly don't have it
Tommy tried to show off his "intelegence" but he really just came off like a moron for not knowing how to spell
by Escobar Crews December 8, 2020
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What you think of when you have an erection and you need to get rid of it
Guy 1: Aww, dude, I can't stop getting erections from looking at my tutor.
Guy 2: Just do what I do and think of Rosie O'Donnell.
Guy 1: Thanks, man!

One week later...
Guy 1: Oh shit, man! You're the best! Rosie O'Donnel is so fugly I didn't get an erection for a whole week!
by Escobar Crews July 3, 2014
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