Technically, the word was created improperly and is very much misnamed. Sexual should be taken out of the word because the sexual part of metro sexual is merely to relate the term to homosexual. In actuallity, metrosexuality has nothing to do with sexuality at all. A metrosexual is just a man who cares a great deal about outward appearance and sensitivity.
That sensitivity wannabe is such a pseudo-metrosexual.
by Jonathan December 01, 2004
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Modern men new lifestyle. They take care of their outside appearance and looks, most of the time wearing suits and trendy clothes, and they are proud of it...gay or not !
Markus : "Hey! Have you seen this stud with all the make-up on wearing D&G clothes and a Gucci watch? He is so metrosexuals!"
Dan : "Yes, he's D. Beckam the former Manchester United soccer player"
by Rendan2 September 06, 2005
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(met.roh.SEK.shoo.ul) n. An urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle.
—metrosexuality n.
You are totaly a Metro Sexual dude!
by Drew April 19, 2004
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Well educated, secure, knows what he wants in his life. Believes in quality than quantity. Definitely, not gay, always want to make sure he is up to date in fashion, style, and usually the trend maker, open to new things as long it is viable!
by Joy February 21, 2004
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Man who pays a great amount of attention to his appearance and dress.
Modern term for dandy or fop.
The metrosexual man uses "product" in his hair and shops at Armani Exchange.
by anon January 01, 2005
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