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(n.) One who has an irrational fear or dislike of men who have grooming habits, personal style, or fashion sense.

In men, metrophobia is related to homophobia, but it is also likely a defense mechanism against new trends.

In women, it likely arises out of an insecurity about the ability of the woman to establish or maintain a relationship with a desirable metrosexual.

Metrophobes are likely to be found among those raised outside of cities, who have since started living or working in cities and are bewildered and frightened of the diverse people and customs. Behaving much like animals, caught up in a complex world that they can't comprehend, metrophobes turn their fear into dislike and criticism of the new. The best way to deal with metrophobes is to quietly coax them into the understanding that we don't have to look like cavemen forever.
She is such a metrophobe, she only dates cavemen.
by Cravenhad November 21, 2005
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