Methuen is actually a nice place to live and IS NOT LAWRENCE. Hello, thats why they are two different cities ignorant shitheads. There is not reason to have racist slurs, and there are actually very prominent nice houses and neighborhoods. Who knows how it was a decade ago; I sure do not remember. BUT people with REAL careers with good educations live here. Also not to mention anywhere you go there are always little idiot children who think they are cool and smoke/do drugs etc. That does not mean in any way thats all methuen is or any other town or city for that matter. BASICALLY Methuen is a BEAUTIFUL place to live especially certain parts...but hey every city has its bad parts. There are much worse places you could be living, so stop acting like Methuen is a real shithole because it most defintely is not. thanks=)

(I've lived here for 15 years)
Look at this gorgeous house listing in Methuen!
by Rangerforever December 8, 2009
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A city in massachusetts where everyone fucking smokes, fucks in the cars behind the loop and does fucked up shit mostly the town is full of stoners and a lot of sewer lobsters
Methuen is a city in massachusetts
by S-X_MVmuthafucka June 1, 2007
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Massachusetts' Gaza Strip: poverty-stricken, war-torn, and full of smelly Arabs.

Combined with Lawrence, this place creates a shithole which reeks up the rest of the Merrimack Valley pretty bad. About 90% of the residents are poor and on welfare. Anyone who says "Methuen is better and richer than Lawrence" has obviously never lived in either. The truth is, Methuen is just a run-off of Lawrence where all the White and slightly richer Hispanic people have gone to live because Lawrence is too crowded. Twenty years ago, it was a giant refugee camp for all the Lebs and various Latino groups trying to escape their fucked up countries, and as one would figure they all ended up bringing their host countries' problems with them. It's not unusual to see Leb families trying to cram their 30+ cousins into the projects in the suburban part or a 12-year old kid selling drugs on Broadway. Methuen's main site of commerce, The Loop, has to be the biggest emo hangout spot in the entire country.
Methuen a great place to live if you love drugs, immigrants, and carjackings.
by Former Methuen Resident September 13, 2009
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Is a shithole. It is the home of all the poor white folks in Massachusetts, also known as Massholes. They all suck at reading.
Methuen is a fucking shithole
Methuen is a shithole.
by T-Dog Jenkins January 17, 2005
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A Methuen Girl is a girl that lives in Methuen,Massachusetts who typically wears tight PINK Victoria Secret yoga pants, black eyeliner on the top and bottom of her eyes, tons of mascara,and pin straight hair. Her favorite accessories are her Blackberry Curve, UGGS, and a cigarette (Preferably Newports). She spends her Friday Nights on the top bench at a Methuen Football game wearing the jersey that she wore earlier during school, her Saturdays at a party in someone's basement, and Sundays sleeping. Don't mess with a Methuen girl or they will probably complain about it on Facebook.
Guy:Man that girl is mad dope.

Guy#2:Nah she is such a Methuen Girl.
by 42020202020 September 30, 2011
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A girl that can be one of two things:
1.) The most amazing, sexiest piece of gold you'll ever get. A complete daisy duke.

2.) The sluttiest, bitchiest gold digger you know, who smoke marijuana and likes to fight smaller girls in order to look cool.
1.) Megan Foxx is incredible. She could be a methuen girl.

2.) Bret: That girl looks like a slut. I think imma try her

DJ: Yo, stay away from her, she's a class two methuen girl.
by 420@420@420 November 11, 2011
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A high school in Methuen that is so dirt poor that it doesn't even have walls between classes, and it's a school that essentially magnifies everything high school life has to offer.

It has an unbelievable past record in sports and past accomplishments, but more problems with the students who inhabit it than any other school in the entire New England area. It's certainly considered a shithole in many aspects, but some people seem to enjoy the randomness of the place. Like the rest of Methuen, almost everyone here is a stoner or has something else fucked up with their life one way or another. Others have major anger problems. The school is comprised of four sections, North House, South House, and the Media Labs (also known as ML Hallway) on the top floor, while the SC and BE sections are downstairs along with a few elective classes scattered around. North House is mostly language classes. South House is Math and History. The ML Hallway has Skills classes amd Health. The SC section has science classes and science labs. BE is anything and everything technology.

Methuen High school is filled with /b/tards, newfags, weeboos, faggots, anonymous retards, people who play The Game, and stoners galore. Methuen High school is also the victim of numerous bomb threats and false fire alarms on a nearly monthly basis. There have been a couple years where threatening to blow up the school was trendy or something because it happened like once every other day for a while. All in all this plays back into the randomness of the school. If the school ever had a legit fire alarm, lockdown, or bomb in the building, everyone would die because no one takes it seriously anymore.

Methuen High School is full of failures. The school average was recently determined by a survey with horribly stunning results. 49% of the school is in the D and F range. It's not that everyone is stupid, it's that because of all the druggies, no one really cares. Most drop out and say they'll go back for their GED but of course no one does. Most people who graduate still end up failures in life because no one has the incentive to actually go to college where your future starts to matter.

Basically, the school is again a shithole filled with no-life teens who screwed up the whole city they live in. However, on the very rare occasion that Straight Edge kids go through the school, it tests them to their limits, and they turn out better than everyone else and go on to live lives as laywers, business men and women, or even return to the school as teachers to try and fix the crap that was screwed when they were kids. Little by little, the school is improving. In recent years, dividers were added as 'walls' to make teaching easier.

As stated before, Methuen High magnifies everything. You either come out a ruined, lifeless stoner zombie who becomes an hero later on in life because everything sucks so bad and it's your own damn fault, or you become a very successful person who lives life happier than the average Joe. Methuen High is a true testing ground of all your aspects and traits. It's problems are what make it ironically great.
Methuen High had another bomb threat today, but no one went home.

Fire department is pissed because Methuen High pulled the alarm... again.

Out of 100 freshmen in Methuen High, only about 20 graduated.
by Spades Neil November 3, 2008
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