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The shitty high school in methuen mass. Its gotten better since the early 2000's. Now only 70% of the students smoke pot. Mr.Nick, the principle who didn't give a fuck about anything resigned so now its a faggot who wishes he was important, Mr.Guica.

A breif overview: The biggest cunt in the whole building is Hallbauer, avoid her at all costs, especially if you dress sketchy and smoke cigarettes, cause she'll hunt you down if she sees you with a lighter.

All the emo kids sit in the third cafeteria, in the corner near the window, next to the second cafe. Theres a fight in the lunch room every friday, and once in a while there a spanish dance party and you can't tell if they're fighting or grinding(these are fucking terrifying.)

Out in the lobby of the gym(The fishbowl) is where all the smokers hang out, and when you have a stooge(d-bag mhs word for cigarette) you will be accompinied by half of these people into the forest to smoke that cigarette.

All the fights between spanish kids usually happen on the bridge and when you get here you'll probably be late for you class because all the spanish kids perch themselves like birds and don't fucking move at all. Its really gay, but the fights are cool. Once i saw the two gay teachers take a fight by the balls and break it up single handedly. This was balls to the way.
I went to Methuen High School and it was the time of my life, but now i don't have a life.
by stonerprideright November 20, 2010
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located in methuen massachuttes, its the biggest pothead school in the state most likely. everyone smokes there when you walk in over 90% of the students are high during school. every one cuts class and are potheads. when you go outside kids smoke cigerrets with the lunch ladies. theres alot of fuckin wierdos there. the princibles suck. one is a olympic runner, ones a marine, ones a alcholic, and the other ones a bitch. SMOKE BLUNTS
methuen high school is a pothead school
by bobbykatie May 27, 2009
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Methuen High School is one of the most fucked up high schools in existence. 90% of the students are either smoking during school, or posting on Facebook about their many bugouts and how they "got so muthafuckin high last night." The students there even have sex in the fucking band room. The principle walked in on them, and only God fucking knows what happened to those dumbass cunts. No one likes it there, and nobody gives two fucks about their grades. Students walk around the hallways flipping teachers off and telling them to "go fuck themselves." The food there looks worse than the shit you could find in a garbage can. And apparently one of the principles is allergic to weed, so if you want to be a dick and smoke it in the hallway, he'll get a rash when he walks by you, and your retarded-ass self will have a one way trip to a five day vacation at your house.
fucked up bugout dipshits MHS Methuen High School
by Some Turd November 30, 2011
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