Is someone that is addicted to methamphetamine... another word for tweaker. bpp is a meth head... bpp is a fucking pathetic birgin that smokes ice everyday. He can usually be found posting all night on internet message boards because he doesn't sleep and is the ultimate loser.... he posts about various stupid shit that isn't even relevant. he has no job so he steals money from his mother to buy crystal meth. Most meth heads have hideous acne, shit for teeth, and are all skinny with deteriorated muscle tissue, they have bird chests. Most meth heads live in Trailers and are usually white trash. Majority of Meth heads will deny they have a problem. People who use meth tend to be more susceptible to catching HIV/AIDs because they often feel the need to get high at any cost and will perform gay sexual acts just to get their fix.
that tweaker bpp is a major meth head.

That meth head loser bpp dude stays up all night tweaking and posting stupid bullshit threads on photochopz.

by postgrader May 20, 2008
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Someone who is heavily addicted to meth.
"That meth head sure is tweakin' out!
"Karen is such a MethHead!"
by MizzSoprano June 23, 2018
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Someone who is mental , crazy and acts high or on drugs.
"Wow, he's a methhead ."
" Obviously, they're crazy!"
by Cherry Virgoz October 29, 2019
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A person affiliated with meth, or meth production/sale.
Olivia purchased 69 lbs of meth from a methhead
by creasedrainbow June 14, 2015
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