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A metatroll is an internet troll who trolls by deliberately provoking or 'feeding' other internet trolls, attempting to make them believe that people are reacting seriously to the original troll attempt, or attempting to provoke other people into believing the metatroll has fallen for the original troll when in fact the metatroll has not done so.
Troll on Yahoo! Answers: 'OMG I just sat on the baby I was babysiting and broke its neck how do I dispose of the body Casey Anthony style!!1?1'
Metatroll: 'Ur an awful humna beingg and I have reported this to the policce, the CIA, and the UN!'
Original troll: 'NOO but it was totes non-deliberate!!'
And so on.
by Valaraukarsbane September 03, 2011
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A metatroll is someone who is trolling someone else who is clearly a troll.
Person 1 (troll)- Man, I hate prank sites so much. That last one I saw was gross. They're just so stupid. They take no thought or consideration to make; everyone who likes them is an idiot.

Person 2(metatroll)- Hey, you should try going to this site called pen island. It's got a lot of people who think the same way as you.

Person 3- Dude, you're trolling a troll right now. You're totally metatrolling.
by Metatroller June 27, 2011
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Online web forum user convinced of own superiority and intellect when actually posessing neither of these qualities. For further reading, see metasapien
Oh hallelujah, the metatroll has returned to plague us all.
by Dee-saster August 13, 2006
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Using in-game Exploits to troll with no desire to win or lose. Just the action of single handedly ruining the gaming experience and enjoyment of others is satisfactory.
MetaTrolling - Jason and Elvin ran a double healer compilation for a 2v2 team in World of Warcraft.
by Duucksauce182 March 25, 2012
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Noun. A metatroll is a troll who develops such an obsessive, pathological dislike of another member of a newsgroup or discussion forum that he even attacks that member on other newsgroups or discussion forums to which they do not even belong and may have no knowledge of (hence 'meta': outside of, or beyond (the original newgroup or forum)). In extreme cases, the metatroll may even create an entry in an online dictionary for the online name of his nemesis, thereby broadcasting his hatred of them to the entire online world.
Metatrolls often develop deep hatred of other people online because of feelings of inferiority, having been consistently humiliated by their superior knowledge, intelligence or command of language, or their serene unflappability in the face of the metatroll's attempts to annoy and irritate them by his persistent trolling). See metasapien
by SpellingB August 10, 2006
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