gay kid 1-"Look at my pen!"
gay kid 2-"Wow! Where did u get that?"
gay kid 1-"I foundit online on his new site called Let me write it on ur hand so u don't forget."
by Mihir March 20, 2004
A non-existant place that, when written carefully, will look like Penis Land. Two websites take advantage of this visual effect: -- sells custom pens. -- sells suggestive apparel from the fictional Pen Island.
by Mark1 December 10, 2006
something people in g5 will get you to write on you're arm to join a club. then once you have done so, you realize that they meant "penis land"
"hey todd wanna join" "join what" "well the pen island club" "sure how do i join jimmy" write pen island wit no spaces really big on you're arm" "okay" "hey everyone, look! that fag tom wants to go to penis land!"
by jack and jill was a good movie November 2, 2021
a wonderful place found in new jersy were you can roam free and go 2 the toilet whenever or wherever u want.

popular with stoned out hippies who forget what a toilet is.

DISADVANTAGES: may cause old people to have a heart attack, also very slippery.
clever boy- hey go 2 pen island they
give you free stuff!

dumb kid- relly? where is it?

clever kid- down my pants!

(dum kid can't figure it out and clever kids get hours of laughing and enjoyment)
by sam okeefe July 21, 2006
A wonderful place where Pedo Bears roam and you can find rainbows, sunshine, and unicorns! There's a lot of good therapists there as well!
Pen Island is right of the coast of Virginia.
by penisland resident April 13, 2011