Not a brain dead rocker, but a listener and follower of metal music. Not usually violent unless someone is giving them shit or saying bad stuff about there music.

Gangster poser- Slayer sucks cock.
metalhead- FUCKING DIE!!! (rips of poser's arms and beats him to death with them. Then procides to eat the arms and rape the guy's girl ((she likes it. don't worry)) )
by Corey Porter June 20, 2007
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Metal head -metal listener that is often described as a drunkard, party crazed, or a fighter, but these are mostly stereotypes. Metalheads possess and eclectic taste for music.Metalheads tend to have a powerful dislike towards the close-minded and mainstream. The majority tend to be fairly liberal, easy going, free willed, and don't care what society wants, tend to think abstractly and have insightful thoughts, and can be found frequently air guitaring/ drumming in public.They know true metal, and don't argue it. Many harbor a great dislike for emo kids and wiggers/rap music (not real talent). 95% can play an instrument, and are also very loud due to blasting music. Metal lyrics are often political, philosophical, or poetic . Metal music is very often stereotyped as β€œ satanic devil related material” or "kill your mother" type. (If this were true, metal bands wouldn't sell as many albums or be as popular morons! Who hates their mom anyway?) This is the worst stereotype of them all and the reason many don’t give metal a chance. Metal lyrics also deal with independence, pride, and free will.Metalheads don't care to explain themselves, as their quite modest, and hate having to do so.Most metalheads don't preach metal and are not evangelical. If your not a metalhead,or at least respect the talent, we don't want you listen to the symphonic genius and ecstasy that flows from the metal gods because we probably don't care and don't like you anyway!
metalhead metalfan badass manbearpig
by JWEBER121 December 04, 2009
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1. Someone who listens to metal music and/or any of its sub-genres (Heavy Metal, Classic Metal, Thrash Metal, Glam Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Industrial Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Hair Metal, Doom Metal, Alternative Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Metalcore, Nu-Metal, ect.)
Someone who is open minded and respects other people's tastes in music, because they realize that their music isn't everyone's cup of tea.

2. An arrogant, elitist hypocrite who believes that his or her tastes in music is better than yours.
Someone who will criticize bands they don't like for doing things you'll see their chosen bands doing all the time (which they will conveniently ignore.)
Someone who complains about pop music and how bands such as Linkin Park are corrupting the metal industry.
Someone who mentions how much they hate Lady Gaga on a youtube video that has nothing to do with her to begin with.
Someone who constantly argues with the "no true scottsman" logical fallacy by saying that metal bands they don't like simply aren't metal (even though they are somehow corrupting the metal industry, see Linkin Park again.)
Someone who wants to tell you what to wear, how to act and what religion you should follow, while simultaneously accusing "mainstream" audiences of doing the exact same thing.
A homophobe that will call you a fag if you like music that he or she doesn't.
Type one metalhead: I like Metallica and Lady Gaga. I like Alice in Chains and Jazz music. I also like Linkin Park and Beethoven. And no, I don't see a problem with that.

Type two metalhead: You shouldn't listen to Linkin Park because they're not real metal. They're corrupting the metal industry with their shitty emo music. You can only listen to bands like Nightwish and Lacuna Coil. Everything else sucks. Besides, I think you're only listening to pop music because other people are telling you to. You're such a gay emo f**!!! Go DIE!!!
by F***TheWordLimit February 21, 2011
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A person who likes metal music and attemtps (sometimes succeeds) in going to any metal concert they can. often mosh while fast music is playing. metal heads dont nessacarily wear black or wear band tee's they can dress however. Generally nice people edspite how some are imaged.
Sean(metalhead)~Pretty nice guy, kinda odd but still a good guy to hang out with, enjoys metal music and tries to go to the Ike Box as much as possible. Generally tries to get a bunch of people to join him but is cool if they cant.

Zach(wannabe)~Pretty mean, anti-social, sits in a corner while music play and complains how the band is pussy music, tries to stay away from concerts to avoid people.
by Breena May 06, 2007
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A proud listener of the Metal music genre. Metal can be broken down into sub-genre such as Power Metal, Death Metal, and much more. Such sub-genres such as Glam Metal and Nu Metal are widely critized and mocked by other metal heads. Some of the most well known bands are Black Sabbath, VENOM, and Bathory. The stareotyped metalhead dress is a denim patch jacket with multiple band patches on them, blue jeans, and a metal shirt, accompanied with shirt with a metal band on the front, combat boots, and long hair, usually past the shoulders but with modern times, short hair is also wildely accepted in metalhead culture. Though each of the different sub-genres also seem to dictate a different type of dress, such as Black Metal which dictates more of a black leather jacket, corpse paint, and bullet belts, or like Nu Metal idiotic baggy pants and shirts.
"Dude those crazy metalheads in the mosh pit totally smashed that stupid idiot with the SlipKnot shirt!"
by Soviet_Wolf February 07, 2008
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Some one who listens to metal. Period. Whether it be thrash, death, grind, or even black metal, thats all there is to it. Listening to it. Metal isn't some cult. Metal isn't about wearing band t-shirts or doc martens or wearing black constantly. Metal is a type of music that lets you vent your frustration, not the way you dress.
Mallcore kid: Look at my wicked slipknot t-shirt. I'm total kvlt black metal because I wear black and listen to ICP.
Metal head: *smacks face with palm in disgust*
by atomskharuka May 26, 2007
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